About | the Project |

EllE is resulting from the current global challenges & local young needs. Advances in terms of human development has been uneven and deep challenges remain: many young people experiencing discrimination, limited political inclusion, high levels of poverty, limited access to health systems, educational opportunities & decent jobs. Young people are at the front-line of the impacts of unsustainable models due to their marginalization and higher vulnerability. Young people need to learn, acquire competence to build inclusive sustainable models of development. They need to shape the vision of the future to create it. Locally, young people are affected by the lack of opportunity by the society & labour market, they lack knowledge and need to develop skills about sustainable methods of development. EllE project aims to foster participation and cooperation of young people for sustainable development in the three peninsulas of the South Europe through: youth empowerment, fostering inclusive development and building resilient communities and nations.


Project | Objectives |

The specific objectives of EllE Project are to

Enhance Youth Skills to Help Advance SDGs and motivate them to get active and thus empower them to turn their ideas into real social activities.

Build capacity through exchange of ideas, information, experiences & good practices - Construct of EllE Network in a macro-region for young cooperation and joint actions

Raise awareness, promote an active dialogue and strengthen cross-sectorial cooperation among young people & stakeholders allowing for greater synergies across all fields of actions concerning the SDGs

Develop a new holistic (participative, collaborative, inclusive and accessible) youth empowerment model of implementing SDGs and strengthen young people's sense of initiative

Increase and exploit European cooperation in promoting & implementing SDGs through empowered young people.