The Sustainability Academy – 5Rs

Sustainability is the state of being sustainable. It is the state where human beings and the natural world exist in harmony, without destroying each other (and themselves).” which is coming from the toolkit “Sustainability and Youth Work”.

Our project manager from Romania, joined The Sustainability Academy, a 4-week online training in sustainable youth work. Using Design Thinking, they focused on sustainable development principles, social entrepreneurship and circular economy and learn to apply those concepts in youth work. During the course, we worked with 3 coaches experienced in non-formal education and Design Thinking as well as 3 experts in areas of Sustainable development, Circular Economy and Social Entrepreneurship. Together our team was able to explore potential solutions for more sustainable lifestyles and communities. The overall course time was divided between plenary sessions (keynotes, input sessions, virtual visits or the projects in Luxemburg), small group work (assisted by coaches and experts), individual learning (research and testing) and online social actions (e.g. yoga class, zero-waste cooking, online concert).